Phurba Sherpa receiving his Bachelor's degree
Message from the President

Dear friends,

The year 2017 has beeen for the Benoît Chamoux Foundation a real year of harvest.

After 22 years of existence, and against the current pessimism, the Foundation is proud to announce that it has had real success thanks to your faithful support throughout these years.

Three young people received their Bachelor’s degree in the last year. A student, born in a village at 3790m altitude, orphan with illiterate mother, has even been awarded an Erasmus grant to do his Master in Europe!

The Foundation begins 2018 with a new committee which will continue the work begun and give it a new impetus. Four new members joined us. Two existing members remain to provide continuity.

In order to continue the work of the Foundation, we need your support and new strengths to carry out our unique project. We would like at least two sponsors to join us in 2018 and other generous donors to help promising young students through graduate scholarships.

Thanking you in advance for any help that you can provide to this new development stage of the Foundation, bringing hope, please believe in our very friendly thoughts.

Fabienne CLAUSS

* Namaste, widely used in Nepal means “Hello”.