The children of the Foundation

In twenty-two years, the Foundation has developed six Sherpa cultural projects in the valleys of Everest and Makalu (renovation of chörtens mills and monasteries). Most importantly, it has helped to fully educate 34 orphaned children (21 boys, 13 girls) whose fathers have died in an Himalayan expedition.

Today, 14 have already joined the workforce. Five, in total, already received a bachelor’s degree thanks to Hélène Berr scholarships:

The new candidates

Nawang Palden Sherpa
During the last committee meeting, we decided to take charge of Nawang Palden Sherpa, 7 years old, born in Pangboche (Solu Khumbu). Her father, Da Rita Sherpa, died at Everest Camp 2 in May 2013. She will begin HIMS in class 1 in March 2018.

Other candidates are waiting, which is why we need new sponsors.