The children of the Foundation

In twenty-two years, the Foundation has developed six Sherpa cultural projects in the valleys of Everest and Makalu (renovation of chörtens mills and monasteries). Most importantly, it has helped to fully educate 34 orphaned children (21 boys, 13 girls) whose fathers have died in an Himalayan expedition.

Today, 14 have already joined the workforce. Five, in total, already received a bachelor’s degree thanks to Hélène Berr scholarships:

The Professionnals

Ang Dawa,
received an Erasmus grant from the EU to do his Master in Geospatial Technologies in Spain and Germany for 18 months. He will be finished in March 2019.

Lhakpa Nuru,
With his Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) from NATHM State School, married, he is working in a restaurant in Adelaide, Australia. He also created the family lodge, Maison Sherpa, in Upper Khumbu.

Mingma Diki,
received a Bachelor in Physiotherapy and is working at the Green City Hospital in Kathmandu after a three-week internship in various hospitals / clinics and physiotherapy practices in Switzerland this summer.

Pemba Tshering
received his Bachelor in Hospitality and Travel Management (BHTM) and works in a travel agency in Kathmandu. He did his internship in China.

has just received his Bachelor in Hospitality and Travel Management (BHTM). He did his internship in Thailand and now works in Dubai in a luxury hotel.

The others, professionally trained, are now independent

Tenjing Chotar,
graduated in studies in cooking, works for the Qatar Airways Business Lounge in Doha. He uses his free plane tickets to discover the world.

has become the most famous DJ in Nepal, the “David Guetta” of Kathmandu. He has invested in a bar and organizes events. He apprenticed in Belgium and participated in a DJ competition in London.

Sonam Dorjee
trained as a mechanic, he flourishes in his work as a trekking guide and enjoys his life in the mountains.

Dawa Kesi
is a well-known nurse at Ciwic Clinic in Kathmandu. She accompanied the end of life of Miss Elizabeth Hawley and just gotten married.

Lhakpa Gyalzen
Works at the Dwarika Hotel in Kathmandu, while pursuing training.

became an independent seamstress after being trained in the Sherpa Gear Company’s workshops.

is a governess in Cyprus in an English-speaking family.

Tshering Dorjee
lives and works in Oklahoma (USA) while studying in a Bachelor in Business program.

Lhakpa Tshering
works in the hotel business while pursuing training.

Four other students have left or intend to go to the United States to work and study at the same time, after class 12. The Foundation has fulfilled its commitment, according to its statutes, to help them up through grade 12.